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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Self Worth

You know, teenagers use a lot of weird things to find value for themselves. And sometimes their values are incredibly illogical. Unlike adults who place value on the proper things...(or maybe I'm being sarcastic). Yeah, okay...this post is really supposed to compare writers to teens and to say that we are all CRAZY.

For teens it's the incrowd, or the crush or the person they most want to admire them. For writers it's the agent, and the editor...or the beta reader, or the critique partner. And once you get past that part, it's the general public...(or the reading public we should say) much like the general population of the public high school they can be harsh with their opinions.

And as writers we keep coming back to these things for validation. Criticism throws us into despair (am I exaggerating? AM I?)

Think about what you'd bargain away to the devil for your first book deal, or for a big book deal, or for a chance at the NYT Bestseller list, or to be prom queen (oh wait, how did that last one get in there?).



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