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Thursday, September 16, 2010

On Taking a Blog Hiatus

Wow...Life is moving fast. I'm sleepy and it isn't even 8 PM. (I can't really tell if I'm sleepy or if my eyes are dried out from my contacts...but to all intents and purposes...I think I'm sleepy).
Since I last blogged, we went back to school. This week, midterms went home. That means the school year is 1/8 of the way over. Really? Really? My daughter started kindergarten, my son started second grade.
I revised a book. I wrote a few pages on another one. I read some good books. Possibly some great books!
I've had some good weekends with good friends, good family, good times altogether. I just wish there were more hours in the day. If I slept less, and didn't get tired cranky and dysfunctional, I could get so much more accomplished. Still, it's good to have goals.
By next week I plan to write a new scene and participate in teaser tuesday. I plan to blog a bit over the very busy weekend, and to start shopping for Halloween Costumes. I plan to sleep more, and maybe take my contacts out. Oh, and to work out so I can get a good Halloween costume (I have something in mind).

So, welcome back, blog! Sorry I've neglected you!


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