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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Things that are the Opposite of what they Should Be.

Well by things that are the Opposite of what they should be, I might mean, paradoxes? Or something like that. I guess what this comes down to, is that I have a kid's illness. I'm miserable, dying, barely out of bed. And I have an ear infection. How can I feel so bad?

Another thing...parents are supposed to be filled with patience and love. I am not filled with patience right now. I am tired and impatient and possibly a little bit cranky.

And another...teens are supposed to be rebellious and avoid all stereotypes and that sort of thing, but the ones I'm working with right now seem perfectly happy to put themselves into neat little categorized boxes.

I have been using my sickly time to catch up on some reading. I'm over halfway through the 100 book challenge (I know, only 2 months left this year) but still, I've read lots of good books, and written one as well!

So, it's November. Election day is over and we are fast approaching Thanksgiving...and after that, the end of the year! I have to put this week of antibiotics and flo-nase behind me, and get some stuff done. (and that really would be surprising, even if it isn't exactly a paradox!)

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