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Friday, April 30, 2010

Teen Readers- What do YOU Want to Read?

Okay, so here are the first two questions on my survey (there are six total) Enjoy!

1. What type of books do you have the easiest time getting into?

Student 1 Male age 17, 11th grade action packed. Needs to have something new happen in every chapter. Science Fiction.

Student 2 Male 18, (12th grade) science fiction or fantasy.

Student 3 Male 17, (12th grade) fantasy/paranormal

Student 4 Female 16, (10th grade) love stories

Student 5 Female, 16, 11th grade realistic fiction

Student 6 Female 17th, (11th grade) fantasy

Student 7 Female 17, (12th grade) Love stories or sad stories

Student 8 Female 16, (11th grade) stories about friends that hang out and are funny

Student 9 Female 16, (11th grade) romance

Student 10 Female 17, (11th grade) love, mystery books

Student 11 Female 15, (10th grade) horror books and books with edge

Student 12 Female 16, (10th grade) lots of details.

2. Do you think characters should make mistakes?

Student 1 yes, to a certain extent.

Student 2 Obviously, a perfect character is hard to relate to.

Student 3 yes...perfection makes life boring.

Student 4 yes, everyone makes mistakes. We are human, you know.

Student 5 yes, people make mistakes so characters should make mistakes.

Student 6 It depends on the situation.

Student 7 Of course, if they were perfect we couldn't relate.

Student 8 yes, because it causes conflicts.

Student 9 yes, if they didn't it would be boring.

Student 10 yes, because in the end there should be a lesson involved.

Student 11 yes I do

Student 12 yes, or it wouldn't be interesting


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