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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another What is a teen paper/response/essay...

I didn't really want to call this an essay because I didn't want to make anyone nauseous. I think you'll find this one refreshingly cynical, even if you don't agree with his assessment of his fellow teens. I love these assignments!

Disrespectful, immature, rebellious, and reckless. What might I be talking about you wonder? Well the answer is easy to see really. I’m talking about teen stereotypes. These stereotypes are how others see teens, but are it really true? I’m going to dive into this and defend or refute these statements.

First let us start with the disrespectful. While it’s no big secret that most teens don’t get along with their parents, there is a myth surrounding teens that they are typically disrespectful. Is it deserved? Or is it just part of the stereotype? The answer? It depends on your perspective. While from the parents perspective it seems that their child is being disrespectful, to the child they are only trying to test new boundaries.

The second stereotype we’ll look at is that teens are immature. I believe that some teens are immature and that some are, but I believe the immature ones outweigh the mature teens. Teens like to cuss, use bad humor, and just play pranks. Well as I said before a few teens don’t like to do that kind of stuff the majority do. So this stereotype is well earned.

Next on the list? It would be rebellious, but seeing as that almost the same thing as disrespectful we’ll move on to reckless. This one has applied to almost every teen I’ve ever known. Most teens tend to act before they speak. Although I’m sure most students wouldn’t call it recklessness. I’m sure they would prefer it thought of as living in the moment. After all if these are “the best days of your life” why not enjoy them to the fullest?

I’ve proved that some of the rumors and stereotypes about teens are true. On the other hand you have quite a few that aren’t. Not that it matters either way. To truly know someone you must get past stereotypes and give the person a chance. Which is what most teens want.

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