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Friday, April 16, 2010

A Brand New Blog for my Birthday!

So, is a new blog like a fresh, unused piece of paper? A word document that you open for the first time, type the name of your prospective new manuscript/paper/grocery list (yes, I type my grocery lists, so what?) then hit save as, then stare at all the white space for a few minutes?

Today is the day after my birthday, and for me, it's sort of like New Years because a. I have a bit of a headache, and b. this is the point where I reevaluate my goals and what I've done...and decide how well I'm doing.

A blank sheet of paper. My life isn't a blank sheet of paper any more. It has stamps, and diplomas, and a certain two small people that require a degree of non-blank, non-spontaneity in life.

But this blog is a blank sheet of paper.

I've decided that I will go back to my original blog and bring over the best posts, particularly the ones about working with teens. But otherwise, this blog is brand new, and is going to be the first step in getting more dedicated to the art of blogging, which is one that I only halfway understand at this point in my life. In all honesty I never kept a diary for more than a few days, and setting goals for myself as far as posting daily, just makes me want to rebel, run away, hide. But my new blog is so pretty and shiny, and my new resolution...well let's just say I have a wealth of teen opinion and information to share.

So, happy birthday, self, you have a new blog to keep up with!

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