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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Masque Inspired Awesomeness

I've been saving up stuff for this post because...well, really and truly this is why authors write. It's amazing to realize that Masque has inspired people.

For the last few months I've been existing in a state of ongoing exhaustion, just trying to get through all the things required by daily life. Like Bilbo Baggins would say, I've felt like butter spread over too much bread. Trying to be a mom, an author, a teacher. For the most part, I've avoided the internet because we all know what a huge distraction that can be! And I haven't been able to afford distractions with putting the final touches on Dance of the Red Death, finishing Glitter and Doom, and actually sleeping once in awhile!

But finding these gems made my day. If any of these fans w email me at, I'll be happy to send you some swag as soon as I get new Dance of the Red Death inspired stuff!

Exhibit 1- A Masque inspired Meme. How cool is that?

Exhibit 2- An Araby Worth Halloween Costume!!!!

Exhibit 3- A Portrait of Araby 

Exhibit 4- A Masque Inspired Fantasy Cast on IMDB. Note that this was made by a fan...but it's awesome. I never answer questions about who I think would play my characters. But it's fascinating to see someone else's take. Check it out here


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