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Thursday, February 16, 2012

What's Going On With Me

Hello February 2012! Haven't been around much, at least not blogging, so I thought I'd check in.

A few things the are going on...

Masque made the Indie Next List It's under For Teen Readers. Yay!

Masque is a Junior Library Guild Selection Yay!

Right at this very moment you can get copies of Masque from several places...
The Fabulous Cindy Pon is giving away some great GreenWillow books!

My Fantastically Creepy Fellow Poe Author Kelly Creagh  is giving away a signed ARC of Masque and a copy of Nevermore here

And there's a big contest going on on Goodreads (25 copies) as well.

I'm trying to brainstorm titles for book 2, trying to finish book 2 (so close, but so far away) trying to be a halfway decent mom (January was a bad month for sick kids, February has been much better, but I still feel like we are playing catch up. Also, two kids to the dentist the day before Valentines day = 8 cavities!!!)
We have all new standards at work, and I'm spending lots of extra time trying to develop new lessons, I like the standards, but it's more work, so less time to blog!

I'm also in the process of ordering fantastic swag. I have beautiful bookmarks being made, some really cool leather bracelets with quotes from the book, and some cool Masque of the Red Death (Poe) items from easy and various other places to give away on release week.

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